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Stress Engineering

PreStress Engineering Division (PreStressED)

The mission of PreStress Engineering Division is to promote the Residual Stress Management concept and assist its clients in practical application of new engineering tools for measurement, analysis and beneficial redistribution of residual stress in designing, manufacturing, maintenance and repair of parts and welded elements with enhanced engineering properties.

PreStress Engineering Division was established in 1996 to develop a new ultrasonic techniques, equipment and software directed mainly on the following services and products:

Residual Stress Management Equipment "UltraMARS" forUltrasonic Measurement of Applied and Residual Stress
Stage 1. Measurement of Residual Stresses Software "UltraMARS" - Advance Database and Expert System for Analysis of the Effect of Residual Stresses on Fatigue Life of Welded Elements
Stage 2. Assessment of the Influence of Residual Stresses In Fatigue Behavior Equipment "UltraPeen" for Ultrasonic Peening of Parts and Welded Elements
Stage 3. Beneficial Redistribution of Residual Stresses Software "UltraPeen" for Remote Control and Optimum Application of Ultrasonic Peening
Optimization of Parts and Welded Elements by Fatigue Criterion Equipment for Relieve of Harmful Tensile Residual Stresses and Fatigue Life Improvement of Wires and Cables WireTreat™

PreStressED also provides:

  • Consultancy
  • Testing
  • Courses and Training

In the field of:
  • New Materials & Technologies
  • Design, Manufacturing, Maintenance and Repair of Parts and Welded Elements with Enhanced Fatigue Performance


Contact Pre-Stress Division
Dr. Yuriy F. Kudryavtsev, Head
PreStress Engineering Division
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